The property, arranged over three levels of approx  85 sqm. each.

Composed  by n. 4 bedrooms, large living room at 2nd floor, with amazing views of the lake and mountains, large lounge on the ground floor with dining room, modern kitchen and comfortable, no. 3 bathrooms and walk-in closets, large covered terrace with full lake view, wide garage area.

Modern type, electrical bus type fully managed by senior professional home automation, interior and exterior lighting via an RGB LED lights low and adjustable for intensity and color.
The property has additional controls to manage through a number of home automation touch screen located on each floor.  Alarm system wired invisible and integrated source structures (doors, windows and rooms) complete with cameras and DVR recorders of continuous images.
The heating by means of stainless steel radiators of modern design and well integrated in the premises.
Natural gas boiler condensing generation that manages n. 10 separated heating zones, all rooms equipped with air conditioners.
Wood-aluminum window frames and shatterproof  bi-color high sound insulation, all with open even swinging.
Exterior shutters with aluminum slats and adjustable swivel.

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